How to make chord across two piano staves?

• Mar 26, 2023 - 09:52

Hi, I'm trying to make a chord across two staves as shown in first image (the final chord), but all I can make is either of the two further images, the first of which is plain wrong (this is a piano score) and the second of which is clumsy. How to I create the first image, please? Thanks in advance.


Create the top four notes in Voice 1, top stave. Create the two below those in Voice 2. Create the bottom notes in Voice 1 of the lower stave, Now lengthen the stems of the Voice 2, top stave notes until they meet the bottom notes,

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Hi, thank you for your explanation. It was actually the very last chord in the final bar that I was trying to sort out, ie, get the lower note in the top stave to drop down into the lower stave. However, what you suggested above did work, though it was tricky to get the eighth-note flags to align exactly. But it worked. Thanks again.

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