Musescore 4 playback is literally 1 key down

• Mar 25, 2023 - 23:26

I recently had to switch PCs and I just downloaded Musescore 4 here. It seems that there's something inexplicably wrong with the playback because everything sounds 1 key down (F ->E, A->G). Visually the sheet music look fine though, so Im really not sure what's happened

Update: Just restarted it and it seems to be normal now; hopefully not a recurring problem!


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No editing required. You may have merely opened a score for a transposing instrument...
As you wrote:
It seems that there's something inexplicably wrong with the playback because everything sounds 1 key down.

Okay, so for example using A->G as "1 key down", if you open this file:
you will notice that the upper staff - a simple major scale written in the key of A - sounds as if it is the G major scale (compare to the piano scale). As you wrote: "1 key down". So, the clarinet player "reads" A major, yet the instrument "sounds" as G major.

That's because the clarinet is a transposing instrument. The file you opened may have had a transposing instrument in it. That's what I meant to be aware of if something sounds "1 key down".
In my attachment, if you press the 'Concert pitch' button (located at the bottom right of the MuseScore screen) you will see the "actual sounding" pitches notated.

I'm having the same issue as the OP (snowpaw1611). I'll be working on a score, and at some point I go to play it back and it's down a whole step when I play it back. If I close Musescore and open it back up, it goes back to playing at the correct pitch. Has anyone else found the cause of this issue?

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Same thing happened to me with the latest (as of 12/26/23) version of Muse Score 4: Playback was 2 semitones (1 whole step) too high. Exited and restarted MS4 and playback was fine. Had nothing to do with sampling rate or concert pitch settings as far as I could tell. All I did was shut it down and restart it.

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If it’s a sample rate issue, fix it by going to your audio device settings (in your OS, probably). If it’s a transposing instrument, make sure concert pitch is set correctly before entering notes.

If neither of those are it - as you seem to be indicating - please attach the actual score and steps to reproduce the problem. Then we can understand and assist better. but certainly, there is not general issue in 4.2 causing everyone’s scores to be off a step or two - it has to be something going on unique to your system or your score.

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