Automatic jump to next page

• Mar 25, 2023 - 23:16

For the sake of vision and easier entry of notes, I have set the zoom so that the page does not fit vertically. Because of this, I have various difficulties in navigating the pages. If you have large screens, you may not be aware of these difficulties.

If I type a chord at the end of the last bar on the page, after each typed note in the chord the editor will automatically jump to the next page. When this happens, I have to go back to the previous page after each note to complete the chord entry. So imagine what it looks like when you have to enter, say, an organ and a choir. Is it possible to turn off that automatic jump to the next page?


It even bothers me that it automatically jumps to the next system - especially with lyrics -
as I often wanna complete each stave of one system before moving to the next system.

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