Member payment required for download

• Mar 25, 2023 - 15:22

I do not have a paid membership to and have never had an issue when I am on and search for files and then download when download is available. However I just selected a score and it's asking me to subscribe to a membership. Have there been any changes to how all of this works.


No change in that respect in the past couple years.
Download of non Public Domain and non Original Work scores requires a Pro membership since several years now.

If it's a one-sy two-sy need to download and you can't, maybe reach out to the owner of the score to get it directly from them rather than download from .COM repository?

I paid for a 'Pro' membership. THEN, I found out not-paid members could not download my ORIGINAL scores. I was really perturbed at this, enough that I created a website that MIRRORS all my scores. Anybody on the planet can download any of my compositions freely.

Given this choice, when my 'Pro' membership comes up for renewal, I will probably NOT pay forward. I'm done squabbling with .COM support.

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