How to write a note in the fa key from the sol key?

• Mar 24, 2023 - 11:49

I have to transcribe a pdf file to musescore but i don't know how to write a note in the fa key from the sol key.
If anyone has an idea, i will be glad.

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I have another question: How to write an extra 16th note as it is highlighted (no.1) in the screenshot? And hot to add an upside down note within a current note as in the second highlight?

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I can recreate measure 1 using voice 2 and hiding the rests, but it does not make any sense, unless it is meant for the voice to have a note at each syllable (depending on the language?). If you put everything in voice 1 there are too many beats: 4.5 instead of 4. Hit v on the greyed out rests to make them visible. look in the documentation of the pdf score to find out what they mean by this.

I'm at a loss to understand "note in the FA key... SOL key". But if you figured it out, good.

Your questions here suggest you're somewhat new to MuseScore notation/playback software. With time, you'll gain mastery. When it comes to ASKING for help here on the Forum, it's a suggested practice not to add on more questions to a starting topic. Create new topics for each question. People here may not jump into your thread if your 3rd question is about "funny triplets" but the thread title is about "fa & sol" keys...

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I'm at a loss to understand "note in the FA key... SOL key"

Given that...
C (Do) - D (Re) - E (Mi) - F (Fa) - G (Sol) - etc.
and that by 'key' is actually meant 'clef'.
The question becomes: "How to write a note in the F clef from the G clef".
or, by extension: "How to write a note in the bass clef from the treble clef".

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"that by 'key' is actually meant 'clef'" -- man, that's some intellectual jiu-jitsu...... But, hey, there may come a time when I want to say, "that by gasoline engine is actually meant watermelon".

I'd have thought since the OP knows about solfege names, s/he would know about clefs and key signatures as separate elements of music theory. Anyhow, any key signature, any clef, when a note is highlighted and moved up or down, MuseScore shows us the note name along the lower info bar.

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