How to show/set scales?

• Mar 24, 2023 - 05:37

This could be a dumb question, but I can't find anything like F Minor, D Pentonic Minor, etc. I am able to do this in Bandlab, and it shows me the keys and on mobile Bandlab, it only lets me press those keys onl;y. I want that for the Music Sheets in MuseScore, I want it to show them or constraint to only those keys.


My screen capture applies to a computer desktop, not a mobile device. I just happened to use Mu3.6.2 and not the new Mu4.0.x version (which should still apply to your question).

Click on the icon to the left of "Key Signatures" in the pallets. A sub-pallet appears from which you can select a key. Before selecting, if you hover the mouse pointer over any of the keys shown, it will tell you what the major / minor names are (i.e., "G major / E minor"). To my awareness, there are no modal or other modifiers offered - since you asked about "D pentatonic minor".

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