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• Mar 23, 2023 - 21:50

SORRY!!! for my heading, only way I thought someone would respond. I am sure Mu4 is great.....if I could only see it, to use. The main menu font at top is maybe 2 pt. and the pallette text on left side is not much larger 4 pt.(or was, I changed text font and gained .5 pt. in size, maybe) I use main menu very often, I know where things are that I need. I am sure I will learn where other options can be found, but not if I can not see them!

I admit I am not a skilled linux user. (I wish to learn Mu4 not linux) I follow examples and there are few in the 'how to' dpi section. And the line "should open spaced correctly" is not reassuring when you are just guessing what you are doing. (there is enough guessing in Mu already) The video example 150, 300, 72 dpi did not change the size of text in either the main menu or the pallette menu, so I am not sure the guessing would be of much use. I have Mu3 on same system and it is very readable. I guess now maybe some text could be larger, but it is very acceptable, as it is. Makes it more confusing why Mu4 is sooo small.

I can multiply and add to find screen dpi, 193-195 about, so is that the range I should be using or just 200? If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions I would appreciate the help. Where I am now my heading is very much correct...and even I do not like that.
Thanks for any help!


Given the title of this thread, I wouldn't have made this comment... were it not for your mention of Linux.

It's unclear to me what DPI stuff you're toying with. On my Ubuntu Linux system, under multiple desktops (KDE/Plasma, Budgie, XFCE4, Gnome), I typically run the display at 1440X900 resolution. Also, I use a desktop launcher that includes a DPI command-line option in the launcher definition.

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Admittedly, I did not re-reveiw system requirements, did not assume that would be an issue. As it is not! Finally got fuse2 loaded, wish I had not, nothing with MS4 loading changed.(with the program) Install no longer works. At least not where I can find MS4. It says it's somewhere , but not in any file that I can find or see. Certainly not at the bottom shelf menu. SO....for ME my heading from the last post IS unfortunately true. Besides when I did get something to run from terminal it had so many problems yet, it just was not worth my time. I shall be envious of those who are using MU4 and wait for a time in the future when it loads conveniently for all systems. Back to MU3 and its many quirks, that I am at least used to.
Thanks again for your post. It at least gave me hope for a while.

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Have been battling with this since my last post. I was told mu3 and mu4 would be fine together. That may be true for others, but not on my system. I can only get one or the other installed on the shelf. So I have to load one from the terminal,(mu4) not the most fun.
With MU4, I tried to use screen at a lower resolution and it helps somewhat. The top menu is a least workable. The problem is it does nothing for all the problems with the program ,'for me'. There are just too many faults to make it possible to use. Afraid my comment still stands. Hope time will change things as the program looks like it is great and I do really want to use it! Thanks again for pointing out the screen resolution.

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Sorry, but it did not work, as I said. I really only know appimages. First time with mu4 got it installed on the shelf. Had both icons on the shelf. As I discovered all the problems with mu4, that caused my heading comment, I decided it was back to mu3. Clicked on the icon on the shelf....nothing but a spinning circle. As I said 'I' can only get one installed. The other can only be opened with terminal. NOT PLEASANT FOR ME!!! But since there are so many faults with mu4 it is unfortunately not worth the, it's mu3 for me.
Thanks again for the comment.

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The spinning circle indicates a Linux problem on your Chromebook, not a MsueScore problem. Right-click the terminal icon on the shelf, then choose "Shut down Linux". Then try again, Definitely works fine to have both installed in general; I have four different Chromebooks all working this way.

As for any issues you are seeing with MU4 besides the icon size, please open separate threads for each issue sio we can help you with them one by by one.

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As I said, I am on a chromebook/Linux. The features you have/get on a pure Linux distro do not always seem to be what 'I' can find to use. My resolution is/was about the same as what you mentioned. As I tried to change things MU4 just got worse looking. The dpi I am 'toying with' is what is mentioned in the handbook (I think) for known problems with some systems. I appear to be one of them. I will look through your attachment to see what that might do. Thanks for the thought.

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I finally looked at your attachment. It was what I was trying to get towards. Did use the -D from terminal. Nothing changed. You can read my response to Jojo for further details. I really did not think it would work, as it did nothing in the example in the manual. Thank you for at least responding. As I say for ME my heading is true!

MuseScore 4 uses a new user interface system that normally does a much better job of adapting to different screen resolutions than Muse Score 3 did. We used to get several posts about fonts too small or too large every week, and now it's down to less than one per month. But, there, are still those small number of systems with problems. Luckily, there are still overrides.

The -D option is no longer the way to control this. Instead, I find the most effective solution is to set the environment variable QT_SCALE_FACTOR when running MuseScore, to whatever size is appropriate for your particular system (might take trial and error). For me, it's 1.33. So, when invoking MuseScore from the command line, it's:

QT_SCALE_FACTOR=1.33 mscore4portable

You can also edit the ".desktop" file for MuseScore to get this to happen automatically when starting from the shelf icon, but that requires a little more Linux expertise. So first, let's see if you can it working well from the command line.

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I may try this, not sure. Will see if it does anything. I never had any problems with mu3 and font size, but mu4, Yes.(big problems...or maybe that should say tiny problems) I did try the -D xxx, but just as the video in the manual showed, nothing that really needed changing did. My real problem with taking lots of time trying to fix the size issue is that is a very small portion of the problem(s) I have with mu4. (no pun intended) It still would not be worth using, hence my original heading comment. I am not familiar with QT factor, so if it is still small does the number go up or down? I lowered the resolution of my screen, as mention in a comment, and things were slightly larger(4pt font instead of 2 pt.) But as I said this is just a part of the problems in the program that make it unuseable. Thanks for your thoughts, they are always helpful for understanding what is happening

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Yes, most people never have problems with font size; it depends entirely on the details of your system - what your display resolution is, what OS you are on, how your OS handles scaling, etc. My rough guess is that with MU3, it was at more than 1% of people who had problems, with MU4 it's less than 1%, But anyhow, sorry to hear you're having a problem here. For QT_SCALE_FACTOR, larger numbers make things bigger - it's literally making everything bigger by that amount, Eg, 2.0 would make everything twice as big.

As for other problems, as always, best to open separate threads for separate problems to make it easier to assist.

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