Lute tabulature import

• Mar 23, 2023 - 09:38

I was searching to import tabs in TablEdit tef format (*) when i stumbled upon this:

luteconv : There is a variety of lute tablature editing and formatting software available, with a corresponding variety of file formats used to store the lute tablature. Luteconv is a Linux command line tool that converts between some of these different formats.
(source formats: abc, frt, ft2, ft3, jtxml, jtz, lsml, mei, mid, mnx, musicxml, mxl, tab and tc)
There is also a Windows version here:

Included in the original Linux version is a MuseScore v3 plugin lute-import.qml
(could probably easily be modified for Windows)

(*) the only way i have found for the tef files is via Tuxguitar.

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