'Auto rest insertion suppression' for TAB only writers please

• Mar 22, 2023 - 23:14

I have only part read a very long thread that covers TAB only users' frustration at not being able to edit 'by trail and error' edit fretting 'notes' freeform without the incredible ( for us ) confusing auto rest insertion. I'd like to think you are interested in engaging with a large population of simplistic TAB users and encouraging them to learn and graduate up through the common format ( which adds note duration ) to understanding by they themselves adding rests to establish rhythms and one day actually graduating to the tradition stave. The to a novice the almost inexplicable proliferation of rests as we seek to edit our fledgling work, severely disrupts what could be more interactive learning experience if freeform were allowed. Perhaps you could offer a TAB learners mode ? It appears to me that you had developed the support for TAB as an afterthought, and 'looking down from' the stave vantage point. The product is obviously developed with immense skill. I appeal to you to try and stand in a novice TAB user's shoes and build a mode when 'looking up' from there. There would be a considerable new user base out there if would.


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