I can't enter rhythm in multiple lines

• Mar 22, 2023 - 01:18

I'm writing a song with percussion, among others, and I was happy to find the option to have a percussion part with multiple lines.
What I expected was to write for multiple of the same instrument doing different rhythms and to enter the rhythm in the normal way. (For me the usual is: press n, press the number of the rhythm, press the mouse on the line I want the rhythm.)
That didn't work.
Then I tried to learn how it is supposed to work and even using the DIP there's only one option that enters the rhythm with a double click in a height ignoring the lines and the voices, to have them where you want it it needs to be edited manually, also if I press a number to select the duration of the note it automatically enters the rhythm, but in another instrument.
I understand it's not normal to place multiple of the same instrument in the same part, so I tried to add other instruments, but there are 128 of them and no way to listen to the sound of each one until you have already named it and entered a note. The ones I tried had no sound at all.
Am I doing something wrong?
I know you'll tell me to do it in multiple one line parts, that's what I do, I just thought I could have them together and save some space.
I'm using MuseScore 3. Does MuseScore 4 work different?


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I'm not trying to put 128 instruments in one score, I'm trying to add two new instruments to the Drum Input Palette (DIP), the interface to do that has 128 options and the only way to find which sounds I want is to try them all.
The score itself is irrelevant as I couldn't even begin to do what I intended. It's an interface problem.
(I know it's not English, it's Catalan. I'm sure translation it's not the problem.)

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Adding instruments having no idea of how they sound, easy. Having to listen to all 128 instruments before you pick one, it's not what the program does.

My problems are:
1 - In the program multiple percussion lines only work as paper lines, not as music lines.
2 - The way to add rhythm notes makes no sense.
3 - A single instrument can't be placed in two or more heights (should be lines, see problem 1) in the same percussion part.
4 - The DIP Edit Interface provides no way to listen to the instruments.

The story:
Once I found out the percussion lines weren't working as I expected them to, and the way to place the notes where I wanted was through the DIP, I intended to place 3 drums (one in each line) there.
There was no way to add more than one drum, there can only be one placement per instrument.
So I tried to add two new instruments to the Drum Input Palette (DIP), and I wanted them to be similar to the original drum I chose.
The DIP Edit interface provided no instrument names (except for the one/s already existing in the part when it's created) and no way to listen to them. So I had no idea of how each number would sound.
To find out I had to name an instrument (represented only by the number) in the list, add it to the DIP, and double click to add a note to the score, then it finally sounded allowing me to find out whether the sound was similar to the drum or not.
I tried the fists ones and none of them produced any sound.

It's not that I don't know how to add instruments similar to the drum. Trying blindly again and again, in the end, I guess I would. But it could take me up to an hour (if I was able to stay totally focused on a repetitive task for so long, but I'm not, so more) to do so, and it should take less than a minute.

You wrote:
I was happy to find the option to have a percussion part with multiple lines.

Okay, so how many lines in your percussion staff?

You wrote:
I'm trying to add two new instruments to the Drum Input Palette (DIP).


What 2 new instruments do you wish to add and do you see either of those 2 instruments in this General MIDI Percussion Key Map:
This shows to which percussion instruments the numbers in MuseScore's 'Edit Drumset' dialog are mapped.

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Why none of these names appears in the Edit Drumset interface?
Why are there 56 items that produce no sound?

I had a drum percussion part with 3 lines.
I wanted to add "drum 2" and "drum 3", but it can't be done.
I don't have deep knowledge of MIDI instruments to know beforehand witch instrument will do. I need to listen to them. With the names at least the options are reduced.

I'm doing it with multiple one line percussion parts.

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