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• Mar 21, 2023 - 18:13

Hello MuseScore Forum,

Working to add guitar tablature of the type shown in attached JPG.
Searching the forum a link
Isaac Weiss • Aug 4, 2016 - 20:26
Indeed it is possible, and you even used the same term ("linked") that MuseScore uses. See
was found.
The text says to
"On the Choose template file page, click on Choose Instruments under "General"."
At Choose instruments > Instruments unable to find an instrument 'General' with either
inspection or Search.
Also at
"Combine pitched staff with tablature....
Unlinked Staves:
Linked Staves: ....
A note on fret mark conflicts: ...
Create a new staff/tablature pair with the New Score Wizard
Open the New Score wizard.
Enter the score details (optional). Click Next.
On the Choose template file page, click on Choose Instruments under "General".
Select a music staff (not tab) in the "Strings – Plucked" section of the left-hand column. Then click Add.
This text seems to indicate that dual staves, treble clef and six line for guitar strings EADGBE with numbers
for frets can be drafted.
But the instructions are not making sense and the screen shots do not look anything like my software.
Would like to have two staves but would settle for the guitar strings EADGBE with numbers.
for frets.
The confusion may be because the version being used is v4.0.2... and the online instructions seem to be for version 3. But am trying to follow the concepts without the screen shots but it goes nowhere.
How to add guitar strings EADGBE with numbers stave?
Allen Pitts, Dallas Texas

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