Playalong part with band backing

• Mar 21, 2023 - 05:53

In Musescore 3, you could select 1 part, untick a box in the mixer window, and students could play their part with the band backing them. AWESOME FEATURE!!!
This feature has been removed in MS4 &, unless I'm wrong, the fix is very finicky , selecting every other instrument in the score one by one [try an orchestral/band score!!] and making their stave [not part] unseen.
Am I right here or has it been fixed, or is there an easier fix?


In Mu4 you can Mute and/or Solo instruments in the Mixer, just like it was in Mu3 too

But indeed instead of hiting the instrument you'd now need to hide its staves on order to keep the playback.
That's a known issue and under discussion

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