Page Setting Anomolies

• Oct 20, 2008 - 17:17

The page settings page doesn't handle the Inches versus mm very well.

  1. Open the default score.
  2. Open Page Settings
  3. Click on "Inches" to change units from mm to inches
  4. Note that 1.425mm has automatically changed to 0.101in. Also note that this conversion is incorrect by approx a factor of 2.
  5. Manually change the 0.101in to the correct value of 0.056in.
  6. Click OK, expecting to see no change in the score. Note that the scaling of the score changes drastically.
  7. Open Page Settings again; note that the scaling is back at 0.101in.
  8. Try manually changing again. Note that tabbing off of the edit box you see that it changes back to 0.101in automatically.


The gui spinbox had had the wrong minimum setting of 0.101. This prevents entering of numbers < 0.101 and explains the weird conversion.
This is fixed in revision 1186.

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I am currently running 0.9.4 r1228.

It just defies setting proper page scaling if my units are set to inches, no matter what value I attempt to use. If you attempt to set the scaling in inches, it acts as if the page scaling is set very tiny (the score is squeezed down to invisibility).

In mm, you can set the scaling to, say, 1.600 mm just fine. Change to inches and explicitly set 0.063 in and you get nonsense on the display.

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