Select notes in bar but not rests.

• Mar 20, 2023 - 16:06

I've got a number of bars where I've scored staccato crotchets and I want them to be quavers. Is there a way to select all the notes in the relevant bars and change the duration without changing the duration of the rests?

At the moment, if I select the first bar, shift click the last bar and then change the note durations to quavers, all the rests change to quavers as well :-(


Right click on the first note and from the pop-up menu use "Select similar on this stave". If you only want this for part of the stave them make a range selection first and select "Similar in this range". Then change the duration (by selecting the duration you want in the toolbar or using the keyboard shortcut 4 for a quaver)

Actually, it will be more efficient if immediately after making the selection you toggle off the staccato markings (keyboard shortcut SHIFT+S) before changing the duration as changing the duration loses the selection.

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