Custom Keymapping feature for MU4

• Mar 20, 2023 - 14:13

The biggest obstacle coming over from other software is to have to relearn years of using shortcuts, some of which don't exist, some are just slightly different so to often make mistakes, others are completely different.

Giving the power to the user to program their own keymapping would be a great feature for MuseScore. I suspect different users all have their own ways of working, use of the keyboard, mouse and combinations of shortcut keys they have learned over the years, to speed up their work process. This would be more open to opportunity than trying to take inspiration from other pieces of software. You can thereby avoid trying to imitate other software and leave it up to the user to assign similar combinations at their own free choice. Perhaps just have a few defaults and allow the user to save their own 'set' of shortcuts. Perhaps even allow users to upload their combinations online so good combinations can be shared with the community?

The UI would need to show a vast array of commands and tools, so it would be a continually evolving feature, perhaps even allow the user to select their own custom commands and tools to assign shortcuts to? i.e. Dynamics, ornaments, transpose selection, page/system split etc. etc.


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