Ability to add and work with bookmarks

• Mar 20, 2023 - 02:36

Since I am blind, I was unable to read the bitmapped version of the Muse Score 4 PDF documentation or the bitmapped PDF version of the list of hotkeys. So I'm not sure if this feature exists, but it would be helpful.

When using a screen reader and selecting events with the shift+control+arrow keys, the blind user does not get any speech feedback as to what is selected. Especially when selecting a large number of contiguous bars, this can get confusing.

My suggestion is that, if it were possible to put in bookmarks or some other marks to which one could easily navigate, one could use those marks to select the beginning and end of a region to be copied or cut..

Again, since I couldn't read the documentation in its bitmapped (image) format), I don't know if this feature exists already.
Thanks for any suggestions/pointers.

Note: My screen reader could read these documents if they contained text such as in an HTML or TXT document.



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