Multiple slurs in accords, worked in MS3, how to in MS4?

• Mar 19, 2023 - 16:37

In MS 3 it was posslbe to have as many slures as I liked slurring individual notes in chord shifts. Each time I hit the S-key, a new slur was added, and I could position them however I wanted. I does not work this way in MS4, I am unable to add more than one slur

In the example included, the tie for the bottom C works fine, but I can only add one slur at the top to connect the A and the G. The F and E I cannot connect.

Is there a workaround for this or anything I have missed?

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This is a bug, plain and simple. MS4 seems to allow only one slur above the staff and one slur below!
I withdraw this remark. Read the interesting discussions below.

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I think all is as it should be. You only need one slur per voice if you have slurred and unslurred notes in the same voice, they effectively have different rhythms and therefore don't belong in the same voice. A slur covers the whole voice. Musescore does allow slurring to be defined for individual voices.

The fact that you could have multiple slurs per voice in MU3 was itself a bug, or perhaps an unhelpful feature. Users complained that they couldn't delete slurs when in fact they had multiple slurs on top of each other and were only deleting the top one.

Anyhow, I am doing a Wagner score, instruments change from page to page, the examle is for trombones. In the staff, all Tbn 1, 2 and 3 are written together. The separate slures I recon are there to show that each indivudal voice is to follow that particular player's line. If there is only one slur on the top, one could argue that the the first trombone should play slurredl legato, and the second and third without slur. To avoid any misunderstanding, each voice has a separate slur, and I would welcome this ability if it comes back.

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My apologies to the OP for misleading advice.
Belatedly I looked up Elaine Gould's advice about slurs. On p.114 of "Behind Bars" she states very clearly:
Slurs between chords
All notes on one stem take a single slur, and not a slur to each note

But I note the comment about three instruments on a single staff, which might be a different situation. And when transcribing older music, it is always useful to be able to reproduce the original edition faithfully.

It is pretty much by design that MuseScore won't let you create a slur between two notes if one already exists on that side. (However: we're looking into implementing the ability to attach slurs, and other things, to specific notes for 4.x.)

For now you can cheat though, by creating one slur, flipping it to the other side, create another slur on the 'normal' side, then create another which starts one note earlier or ends one note later, and move the endpoint back (with Shift+left/right):
It'll look like the moved slur exactly overwrites the other one, but there will be two there - so to make life easier, edit the position of the middle slur(s) first, and turn autoplace off for them too.

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