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• Mar 18, 2023 - 13:33


I'm trying to create a visual swing tempo marking that displays notes instead of simply text. I have followed the instructions at https://musescore.org/en/node/266325 - specifically the second section "II. Swing marking as text".

I have copied and pasted this line:
<sym>textBlackNoteLongStem</sym><sym>textCont8thBeamLongStem</sym><sym>textBlackNoteFrac8thLongStem</sym> <sym>staff2Lines</sym>  <sym>textTupletBracketStartLongStem</sym><sym>noteQuarterUp</sym><sym>textTuplet3LongStem</sym><sym>note8thUp</sym><sym>textTupletBracketEndLongStem</sym> into the palettes file

The problem is that when I restart Musescore, it has removed the spaces the surrounding the  <sym>staff2Lines</sym>   section. If I re-add them by editing the marking in Musescore itself, it removes the spaces as soon as I exit edit mode.

Is there some sort of alternative syntax I could use to get it to keep the spaces? I've tried using HTML tags like &nbsp; but that just gets rendered as text and not as the HTML entity.

Is it a bug that the spaces are being removed in this version maybe?

The attached file I hope illustrates the problem. The tempo marking I created is the first entry in the "Tempo" palette.

The screenshot shows me editing the tempo marking to put the spaces back, but then they disappear again as soon as I stop editing.

Thanks in advance.
Musescore 4.0.2 on MacOS 12.6.3

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Thank you for your answers! Could you give a bit more detail on your suggestion to try Ctrl+Space? How do you mean exactly? So that the palettes file contains the following:



That's not working for me. I also tried it without the <sym> tags but that doesn't work either.

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I'm sorry if I'm being thick, but I still don't understand. If I edit the palettes file, typing ctrl+space is intercepted by the OS as "change my input source" and if I try cmd+space (I'm on a mac) then it brings up Spotlight. Using any of the meta keys with the space bar seems to be intercepted by the OS first.

How exactly do I enter ctrl+space into the palettes file? Again, sorry for being slow.

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