Musescore 4 Crash and then lost progress

• Mar 17, 2023 - 22:25

everything was fine. i went to delete a large portion of my score the software crashed and now i am left with none of the progress i've made since last night. it said it had been corrupted and wouldn't allow me to reopen the score. i closed the app and reopened the score to find what i mentioned earlier. half of my progress gone. I've been working on this score for weeks. i lost it in 3 and had to remake it in four. this is the second time i will have to redo parts due to crashing. I am so tired. please if there is any way someone can help i would appreciate it. Otherwise i'm just going to defer from my program because i cant redo this score again.

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See_You_Again_(bossa).mxl 22.28 KB


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