Corrupt files again and again ...

• Mar 17, 2023 - 01:41

Almost every file I make or open is corrupt. So is this one. I am shure my system is ok, on Linux Mint with MS4.0.2. Could someone help me out and give hints to prevent this mess in the future, or do i have to pass all my files which are corrupt again and again? I want to be able to solve those things myself and not disturb anyone.

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Opens on my W10 system. But with a warning that staff four in measures 39 through 43 only have one beat. Looks fine when I open it.

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Indeed, MS402 warns me for the same problem, but I still can keep working and listening anyway. Should I just neglect those warnings and finish the job or become totally berserk trying to fix things which I don't really understand, is there any danger to loose everything? I almost spend more time making multiple copies and exporting under different names (very confusing) the lot than working on it. Thanks for listening and reacting.

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Well, the way is to avoid them figure what steps caused them, then open an issue on GitHub reporting this to the developers so they can fix it. And then of course, avoid repeating those steps until the fix becomes available.

All known causes of corruptions - ones reported on GitHub with steps to reproduce - are fixed as of 4.0.2. But scores already corrupted by bugs in older versions are only just now being reported as corrupt due to the better detection algorithms in 4.0.2.
And no doubt t there remain some bugs causing corruption yet to be reported.

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Thank you so much Marc. Meanwhile I restored all my corrupt files, and it works flawless now. Most restorations worked in doing it in the Parts pannel. I find it quite difficult to check which steps where wrong afterwards because they only occur when reopening the file, although Musescore gives clear warnings when doing something improper, which is very appreciated. Thanks to the team for your great work!

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For me it reports they are empty (0/1), which in fact they are. Note that the message specifically refers to a part, not the main score. In particular, the "strikers" part. Open that from the Parts dialog and you'll see it is indeed corrupt in the listed measures:

Screenshot 2023-03-18 9.48.27 AM.png

The ability to report details on corruption in parts as well as the full scores is another of the improvements in 4.0.2. Corruptions like this often went undetected previously, until they eventually caused a crash. Most likely the corruption in this score was actually caused in an earlier version and simply not reported until now.

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Glad you got it fixed!

One of the improvements in 4.0.2 is warnings when you save as well as when you reopen, so in theory you’ll be informed sooner if corruptions happen again. That should give you a better opportunity to remember what you were most recently doing and thus be able to figure out how to reproduce the problem for the sake of submitting big reports, and also give more insight into how to fix your score meanwhile.

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