Unable to enter song title/composer/etc. in latest version

• Mar 16, 2023 - 21:51

I am using the latest version of JAWS for Windows (my screen reader). I just installed the latest version of MuseScore today.

After tabbing to the fields to enter the Title/Composer/etc., I am unable to enter any of this information into the edit field.

I tried hitting enter once tabbing to those fields, and also tried a left mouse click. I don't see any of the text I typed on my braille display, nor is it echoed back when I navigate to one of those fields again.

Interestingly, after hitting "Done", when the score itself came up, MuseScore did know the name that I typed in. But I was getting no useful feedback when in those dialogs.



Hi! As far as I know these fields should work fine - although note these are among the fields you need to useup/down cursor keys instead of tab to navigate. I hear screen reader feedback with Orca on Linux, and I did with NVDA and Narrator last I checked. I'll try again later today when I'm at my Windows machine, but you might try one of those screen readers to see if they report differently. I don't have a braille display to test with so I can't say if they are working or not.

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After testing with NVDA, this issue seems to be specific to JAWS.

Using NVDA, I can type into those edit fields, see the entered text in braille, and arrow right and left through the edit fields to edit the entered text.

Using JAWS, those fields appear blank. After typing text, arrowing right/left through (supposedly) entered text also shows nothing in braille and does not speak.

Interestingly, when I hit JAWSKey+F1 to identify what kind of element has focus, JAWS does identify this as an edit field. So I don't know why JAWS is acting differently here.

Unless you have an idea what is going on here with JAWS and how the issue might be fixed, I can send this into FS as a JAWS bug. Let me know.



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It may well be a JAWS bug, or it could be we're doing something not really completely appropriate and it just "happens" to work for other screen readers. I don't have a lot of insight into internals of the new accessibility interface, unfortunately. Either way, it would be good if we can figure out a workaround (short of writing a script, which of course is always an option if there is no alternative). I would recommend opening an issue on the MuseScore issue tracker on GitHub - https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/issues

What's weird is I do remember some bug like this being encountered very early on in the process - like during alpha or even before. But I also remember it being fixed long ago, and in any case, I'm not finding any issues on GitHub that seem similar, even if I search for closed issues.

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Excellent, thanks!

FWIW, some of the feedback I've heard suggests that at this point Narrator is actually the screen reader that is working best with MuseScore 4. I haven't done exhaustive testing to say if I really believe that, but it would be interesting if true!

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