"Edit Text Styles" dialog needs a "Delete" button

• Sep 27, 2014 - 03:28
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With MuseScore c15c7f3, when we go to Style | Text..., we can add new styles by clicking the button New. The problem is that there's no button Delete, so if new styles are added, the score will always load them, even if we don't need them anymore.


Isn't an added text style stored in the score and in the score only?
So it you close the score and open a new one, is the new text style still there?

BTW, an open question would be, what happens to text elements currently using that style. But "anything" is fine by me - delete the elements, change them to Staff or something else but keep the formatting of the custom style, make the change without preserving current formatting, pop up a dialog saying the style cannot be deleted because it is in use, etc.

I think that deleting elements would be too intrusive, and may not be expected by users. After all, it's only a style that is deleted, not content.

About checking if the style is currently used in order to pop up a dialog, it may be a good idea, but there's something even simpler: a generic warning always displayed after clicking the Delete button, something like: Are you sure you want to delete the style MyCustomStyle1? Elements from the current score may still use it, in which case they will lose their formating.

Personally, when deleting a custom style, I would not expect that MuseScore retains formatting for elements using it. So elements previously styled with the deleted custom style may use one of the predefined styles, or may not use any style (empty tag <style></style> in the file .mscx).

Anyway, I think that we can expect users to restyle these elements, that is manually choosing another existing style.

Another open question: would the Delete button be active only when a custom style is selected, or we could delete predefined styles too? If only custom styles could be deleted, it would be interesting to visually distinguish them from predefined ones, for example by displaying them in italic or adding a horizontal separator between the last predefined style and the first custom one.

@ jpfleury about #4: deleting a built-in style, once possible, will not have the (presumably) expected effect.

Built-in styles are always attached, with default settings, to a score when it is initially created or loaded from file; then, score-specific settings for built-in styles and score-specific custom styles are added.

Then, deleting a built-in style will have the effect of keeping the style itself but reverting it to default settings; maybe not immediately, but for sure the next time the score is open.

About OP and deleting custom styles: I use user-defined styles extensively and I have a semi-standard set of about a dozen of custom styles I regularly use.

In fact, I have a style sheet which includes them and which I set as default style sheet for all my scores. The fact that a given score does not use some of them seems to me largely irrelevant: the ca. hundred of bytes 'wasted' for storing each of them in the score is much less important, at least to me, than the consistency of having all 'my' styles at hand and each of them in an order I already know and expect.

Just my opinion, though. Of course, having the possibility to delete an unwanted user-defined style would not force me to actually delete them!


Yes, we can delete it, without a button

1. Open your score, and then save as uncompressed .mscx file;
2. Open this new .mscx with notepad;
3. Use notepad search tool to find the new text style name;
4. Delete relevant definition contents.

If your are not sure of deleting starting point and ending point, just add anther new text style in the program, then you will be able to figure it out!

Do not forget back up your score, before you do it.

Based on this being a feature request, I figure there's no way the feature will be added to 2.0.3, but hopefully it will be in 2.0.4—whereas, if this were a bug, it would be present in 2.0.3, and would hopefully no longer be in 2.0.4. Does that make sense?

I would think of the "version" field as being the version the *issue* applies to, not the version the *fix* would apply to.

So, if a bug is present in 2.0.3, set version to 2.0.3, even though obvious there will be no fix until some later release. Similarly, if some feature is missing in 2.0.3m, then set version to 2.0.3, even though obviously the feature won't be implemented until some later release.

I would like to add, we also need a "Up" / "Down" Button next to the "New" and "Delete", as usual for this kind of interface. Otherwise the only way to change the ordering of your custom text styles is by chronological sequence of adding.

A text style dialog is back in 3.0 since last Friday, 097d606e
Haven't checked yet whether it has add and delete capabilities

Edit: have checked now, and neither Add nor Delete is (yet) available.