Three years ago I started working with musescore professionally

• Mar 16, 2023 - 16:00

I work in a sheltered workshop and on March 15th of 2020, my working place was shut down because of COVID-19. On this very day I accidently, or better by God's will, I have found a note paper written by hand. I asked if I could make a musescore file with that handwritten paper and he agreed and sent my some more notes on my request.
From March 16th till June 26th in 2020 I worked as a "note engraver" at home. People sent my their templates and mad a musescore file of it. I worked 25 1/4 hours every week. From Monday to Thursday from 9 AM till 4 PM and on Friday from 9AM till 1:30 PM. Of course I made some break at lunch break was one hour—from 12PM till 01PM.
I have made different stuff in musescore, at first some songs, then a choir work by a German composer. Then I have set an orchestral work by my former music teacher. Last but not least, I engraved the "Hauptsatzkantate", a choral work where the fundamental theorem of calculus is proven.
Having finished it, I have returned to my old working place, scanning documents.
I have had much fun, but I am hardly here now as composing music or arranging other people's work is not even my hobby. I thank you for your advice and take care.


A very uplifting story, thank you for sharing.

I am retired, but I relied on the online community of my fellow MuseScore transcribers during the COVID lockdown period.

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