Corrupted Music

• Mar 15, 2023 - 19:03

Hello, Longtime musician, first-time forum user.

I've been using MuseScore on and off since Version 2. I just got back into it at the release of Version 4. I've spent my freetime creating compositions and enjoying it.

For some reason, some of my scores are now listed as "corrupted" and I don't know why. Notably, the score has a few blank measures (no notes) on individual parts but are visible on the main part. It's also corrupting the other pieces on my drive as well, apparently going so far as to everything I've composed so far.

Anyone know of a good fix without me deleting all my music and starting over?


  1. If you haven't yet updated to MS 4.0.2, you should do so. This new release does give you an analysis of which measures in which staves are corrupt.
  2. You can attach your score (.mscz file) on this thread, so that people can either suggest a fix or (if you're really lucky) just fix the score for you.
  3. Look for forum posts about corruption in the parts (not in the main score). There are some suggestions about how to remove the faulty parts. For example:
  4. Look at the HowTo article titled "How to fix a score that contains corruptions":

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