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I am having trouble entering triplets. I click the note value, then triplet image , then triplet. When I enter the 3rd note, the value changes. (8th to a 16th). Is there a tutorial or video to correctly enter a triplet in 4.02?


Please supply a bit more detail:
- what time signature are you using?
- what note/rest value do you click, and on which beat?
- do you then see three rests of the same duration, with a triplet bracket?

It would really useful if you could attach a sample score (.mscz file) showing the result which you got.

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"I am trying to enter an 8th note triplet, a 16th note triplet, 3 eighth notes, and a 16th note triplet"

In measure 73 of your score, what you actually entered is this:
- 8th note triplets (based on a quarter-note)
- 32nd note triplets (based on a 16th note)
- 3 eighth notes
- 16th note triplets (based on an 8th note)

This is why I asked you what duration of rest you were using as the basis for each set of triplets. The single note or rest which you use to create tuplets must have the total duration of the tuplets which you want to create.
Maybe the attached score and image below help to clarify?

See also the MS4 Handbook section on Tuplets:

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