Musescore Crash

• Mar 14, 2023 - 17:13

I spent about 2 hours working on a score and musescore just crashed and it's gone. Is there anyway to get back my work?


The article above is for MsueScore 3. If you're using the current MuseScore 4, the steps are a bit different. But first, I'm confused - are you saying you worked for 2 hours and literally never saved the score even once? That's not good; computer programs like MuseScore expect you to save your files. If you did save, then you can simply open the file you saved. There will also be an autosave version in that same folder with all changes you made since the last save. But if you literally worked for two hours without saving, it's a lot more complicated and might indeed not be possible. We can try to help, but we'd need to know what OS you are on, what version of MuseScore, and more details.

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