Local Time Signature Changes cause file corruption

• Mar 14, 2023 - 14:55

For some years I have been trying to complete my transcription of Mother Goose but failing because of corruptions when using time signature changes for some (but not all) instruments.

I am attaching four files with subscripts a through d, showing:

a) 2/4 successfully added to Celesta at rehearsal mark 17
b) 2/4 successfully added to 2nd Violins at rehearsal mark 17
c) 6/8 successfully added to Violas (Altos) at rehearsal mark 17
d) 6/8 causing corruption to file when added to 2nd Violins at rehearsal mark 18

There have been no notes added to the files at all as yet.

I would be grateful if you could investigate and look to fix this problem which prevents Musescore being a serious option for music transcription.

Many thanks.


I can confirm the problem that occurs with the following steps:

1) load "c" version of the score
2) use Ctrl+drag to add 6/8 to top violin 2 at rehearsal mark 18
3) save

Please open an issue on GuitHub to report this to developers, giving those steps.

Using 4.0.2, the corruption is reported immediately upon saving, giving you an opportunity to fix it right away. And luckily, it's trivially simple to fix. Just select those (empty) measures and hit Delete.

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Thanks Marc, you describe it exactly how it happens. It hadn't occurred to me to simply delete the (non-existent) content of the bars - presumably I will need to do that for every bar that is reported as being corrupt? Given that there are a number of additional local TS changes that I still need to enter, I guess the best way to achieve the desired result would be to enter all the changes and make the deletions that need to happen the final activity before starting to add the notes?

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Probably so, indeed.

FWIW, this seems to be a highly unusual special case of local time signatures within sections also containing other local time signatures, which is presumably why no one has detected this problem before. The vast majority of scores would not demonstrate this problem, so I wouldn't let it stop you from other projects.

You created a discussion on GitHub for this, which I've turned into an issue so it can be properly investigated - also attaching the .mscz files from this post.

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