Cannot understand corruption description: Incomplete bar: Part score: Horn, bar 208, stave 4. Found: 0/1. Expected: 4/4.

• Mar 14, 2023 - 07:21

I have just installed the updated MU4. On opening a score that was working perfectly in the previous version, there are 50+ "corruptions" that read like the above. I cannot see any evidence of an incomplete bar either in the full score or the part score. Bar 208 is shown in the attached screenshot.


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As I cannot use Muse 4.x, I opened it using version 3.6.2 and did not found any problems.
Sometimes generated parts can cause a problem. I deleted them and attached the score in the 3.6.2 version, which could also be opened in Muse 4. Check if the problems are still there.
Maybe the text formatting of the title was lost.

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