Feedback for Eucliadean Rhythm plugin

• Mar 13, 2023 - 18:55

I recently discovered the concept of Euclidean Rhythms and made a plugin to generate those rhythms.

If you don't know what Euclidean Rhythms are, you can check this video (in french) or on wikipedia.

I haven't made a page for it on the plugin listing. I'll do it when it is stable.

Feel free to test it and report me issues you would encounter ! You can find it here:
Euclidean Rhythm Generator plugin for MuseScore 3.x and 4.x
(And yes, it is working in MS4 (although the UI isn't really nice))

Two remarks:

  • I've tested it thoroughly on the voice 1. I haven't tested it yet on other voices. It might not work for now.
  • There is little trick if you want to use a multi-notes pattern (e.g. instead of generating A--A--A-A--A--A- (a 3 by 8 pattern) you want to generate A--B--C-A--B--C-), you can write somewhere the pattern ABC and copy it (CTRL+C). The plugin will retrieve the clipboard content and use it.

Enjoy !


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