Fixing corruption in 4.0.2

• Mar 13, 2023 - 15:38

WIth the new release I was finally able to get info on a reported corruption. Previously I was told the file was corrupted but it did not affect anything that I could see including okay playback. Now I see four identical messages that each measure affected is saying incomplete measure Found 25/24, Expected 2/2. The time signature is Cut Time. When I go to each of these measures and use measure properties, it reports both nominal and actual as 2/2. So if the actual is 2/2, how come the diagnostics on opening are reporting a different value and how do I clear the problem if there is nothing to respecify? Can post file if necessary.


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I deleted the first bad measure and recreated it by inserting a new blank and then adding the notes but it was subject to becoming corrupted also. The cause appears to be a result of a deleted note (creating a rest) in the final triplet on the treble clef shifted to the bass. So there are four triplets and the last one is shifted to the base and the last note of the triplet is a rest. When I create the rest, even though the entire triplet was now on the base, the rest pops back to the treble and needs to be pushed back down. The sequence of doing all of this seems to determine whether the corruption occurs, that is should the rest be created while still on the treble and shifted down with the first two notes or created after the entire three note triplet is on the bass and then deleted. But I did get an uncorrupted measure.

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