Corrupted MS4 score - thank goodness for cloud storage versioning

• Mar 13, 2023 - 06:05

While working through re-engraving of a printed jazz piece*, MS crashed. When I brought the score back it was like a complete bizarro version - all the measure spacings were off, all accidentals overlapped with notes, cue notes lost their sizing, grace notes no longer sat between notes but overlaid them ... and since there were ranges of up to 17 consecutive grace notes, it either rendered them over the top of surrounding notes or smooshed them into a scribble with all notes on top of each other.

Resetting the score made no difference. Neither restarting nor rebooting fixed it.

Luckily the score folder sits inside Dropbox so I had dozens of earlier auto-saved versions that I could use as a restore point and have lost maybe two measures of work rather than fifty.

  • copyright: hence no upload

MS 4.0.1 /Win11

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