changing barlines and empty measures in parts

• Mar 11, 2023 - 08:50

Hi, in the attached score, I set the barlines to dotted then set the initial one on each line to full and spanning to next staff. Then, in the single parts (I just have 2 here for simplicity), I find 2 adjacent barline for measures that correspond to the first measure of each line on the full score; one dotted, and the other dotted or full. I have corrected them on the Tenor score, left them in the Soprano score.

A second point: on the single parts, it's nice to see the numbers of the measures spanned by the multi-measure rests, but they are wrong ... and in different ways for the initial ones and for the others - see the example.

And finally I also note that when changing the stretch level the first barline of each line tends to change back to dotted.

Using MS4 on a Mac with Big Sur.


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Haec_dies_a_5.mscz 76.44 KB

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