Part doesn't show the transposed chords

• Mar 11, 2023 - 02:14

I created a chart in concert pitch for flute and alto flute. I used control-K to enter chords for the alto flute. When I switched out of concert pitch the main score shows the correct chord names transposed for the alto flute, BUT the part only shows the concert pitch names. Please see my screen shots below.


All of this is in MS4. I was able to create a new part and have it show the alto flute and it has the correct chord names. But I couldn't replace the original alto flute part, I got the error message that the name was already being used. Just closing the part does not make it go away. The original alto flute still shows the wrong chord names.
In MS3 I was able to close all parts and create new ones. Is there an equivalent in MS4 to get it to correctly update the part with the changes from the main score?

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Yes, per your suggestion I tried that and it did transpose the chords, but in the wrong direction. It acted as though the concert pitch chords were the instrument chords and when switching they went the other way.

In MS3 I sometimes had to delete all parts and recast them to clear up glitches like this, but how do you do that in the MS4 version?

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