Cannot open AUTOSAVE and original file is corrupted

• Mar 10, 2023 - 16:17


I am writing a piece of music, and if I have the file open when my laptop runs out of battery, it gets corrupted. This has happened before, but usually it is autosaved. If I open the autosave file, I can continue work as normal and simply replace the corrupted original. This time, however, Musescore 4 tells me that autosaved file is an unknown filetype. Since the original is corrupted, that means I can't access my score at all! I have tried repairing Musescore 4, opening the file in Musescore 3 and everything else I can think of, but nothing works! Does anyone know how to fix this? All I have is an old PDF file of the score, but that is pretty old by this point, and would require me to rewrite a lot of stuff.

Here is the corrupted file: Untitled score.mscz
I can't add the autosave file here for some reason.

Thank you for any kind of help on this!


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I had same problem - if you delete the ".autosave" from the file extension MS4 then recognises the file and opens it. The bigger issue I have had is that the autosave function has deleted three of my files in the last week so I have turned it off. Luckily I was able to recover them from Dropbox......but I would be interested to know if others have had this problem. Is it possibly linked to the recent MAC OS upgrade to Sonoma 14?

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MuseScore never ever deletes any of files. Whatever happens to make you unable to find your file cannot possibly have anything to do with autosave. More likely you simply saved them to a different folder than your thought.

There was a bug in macOS when using either Dropbox or Google Drive where files could get marked hidden for no obvious reason. I thought Apple (or Dropbox, or Google) had fixed that by now, though.

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