Starting playback in the middle of a tied note does not play anything for the tied note

• Mar 10, 2023 - 07:45

In this example, playing the selection will not play anything for the Piccolo, which makes it complicated to listen for score excerpts with long note. Is there an option for allowing MS playing the piccolo tied note in that situation ?

PS: The same applies for both MS4 and MS3.6

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I suppose that the information about the pitch and length of the note is stored in the previous bar and you have to start the playback at the first piccolo note or temorary remove the tie.

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Actually, all the information are present in 2nd tied note too. It is just MS don't play notes with a back tie. Which is logic if one starts the playback at the first tied note. But not if one starts the playback at that note.
Indeed, temporarily removing the tie is a workaround. This is what I do. But I don't like to modify my score only for temporary workarounds...

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