Notehead to dot distance [MS4]

• Mar 10, 2023 - 06:11

The attached score has a problem where the dots in measure 2 are too far away from the noteheads. I wish them to sit to the left of the stem of the first voice (as they do in print)

There is a global setting for this rather than a local property. IIRC in MS3 the dots could be dragged individually. This is not possible in MS4. Unsetting Auto-place property has no effect.

The global setting does not allow this instance to be addressed, as the minimum distance I can get it to is still to the right of the stem. Even if it did fix this one measure, chances are is that it would make a mess of every other dotted note in the score.

Moving the other voices via horizontal offset is also aesthetically unsatisfactory because it creates an enormous gap between chronologically aligned notes.

( I found a handful of other note-dot distance issues in the issue tracker but they seem to be about different situations.)

I also observed as I was setting this measure that having the note head properties and the note separation properties located in different panels is enormously frustrating. Adjusting the offsets has effects on note head orientation in other voices. Trying to fix all issues was much harder than it should have been in v4.

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Having looked at Elaine Gould (Behind Bars, pp. 54-60), I can't see any firm recommendation for this specific case which involves three voices. I think it might be worth raising this as a bug because it's really hard to find a solution. For example:

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