Alto Sax with 5 flats?

• Mar 10, 2023 - 04:57

I have a part in my score where the sax changes to 5 flats (E Major) and it has 7 sharps instead of 5 flats.

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Create the score in E maj.
You'll get 7 sharps for the alto sax. Select the alto sax staff, open the staff / part properties window and select in 'prefer sharps or flats for ...' the entry 'flats'.
Staff_Part Properties.png

5 flats is Db Major/Bb minor and 7 sharps is C# Major/A# minor. Please post you score (mscz format, not a png or a picture or a PDF) and give a lot more detail of your problem.

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I've no psychic abilities :-).
What I saw:

  • he has a original score in E maj with an Eb alto sax in a key with 5 flats. (5 flats.pdf.png)

  • he generates a Musescore score in E maj and wants to transcribe the original into Musescore and now he got 7 sharps instead for the alto sax. (7 sharps.png)

I assumed that he would like to have an alto sax staff like the original ....
Or: He wonders why that is ...

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