Cross-Staff arpeggio

• Mar 9, 2023 - 20:20

A lot of harp chords feature a cross-stave arpeggio, even though Musescore does not allow it. It would be a really useful feature to have it. Just allow to Ctrl + Shift + up/down the arpeggio.


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In guitar staves with 2 voices, I found that the two arpeggios (generated as usual by selecting both voices and adding arpeggio from the palette) melt with each other by drawing the end of one arpeggio to the beginning of the other. The melted arpeggio plays back correctly over both voices. Don't know whether this is new in 4.2 but it is a cool feature anyway.

Only downside is that the feature can be detected only by chance. Better if an explicit tool would exist in tool menu or right-click context menu merging two or more selected arpeggios.

Of course, a cross-voice / cross-stave arpeggio palette symbol would be the still better solution for the user because in a score with plenty of arpeggios over multiple voices, separately mergin all of them is a tedious task.

So, still room for enhancement to be sought for. However, for the time being, a working solution is at least at hand.

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