Add hairpins / ornaments etc in main and adjust using mouse - they do not display in part

• Mar 9, 2023 - 17:24

Newbie convert to musescore here from Sibelius so go easy on me.

I've created a 3 part score (violin and 2 clarinets). I've added some hair pins, trills and slurs. I then edit these a bit to fit by clicking on them and dragging the squares that appear around the item to resize them.

However, if I then go to "parts" and select say "clarinet 1", the hairpins etc that I've adjusted don't display in the part. (If I haven't adjusted them manually in the "main / score tab" they show up fine in the part tab.)

If I create a slur and instead of stretching it with the mouse I use shift and right arrow to stretch it, it shows up fine in the part. So I'm guessing that my "manual click and drag to resize / reshape" in the first tab is causing the problems.

So is this a bug or should I just not work this way and instead use keyboard shortcuts to move things about?

Forgiveness sought if I've used the wrong language. Not really sure what to call things like the tabs. If none of this makes sense I'll do a screen vid :-)


What's your MuseScore version - 3 or 4? Can you attach the score so others might investigate? And, what measures in particular?

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There are a fair number of posters here who choose to keep testing their issue without sharing their score. That's up to you. In most cases, when I've posted an issue AND attached my score, others discover the answer pretty quickly because they have access to what I'm working on.

Welcome to the forum. I come from Sibelius, also. Although from a rather old version. As I recall, there were things that didn't always reflect properly between score and parts in Sibelius. I can't say if this behavior is a bug. Or is it just the way things are. My suggestion would be to find what works and use that in the future. Along with all the other things you get to figure out.
BTW things like hitting "R" after making a selection and having it repeated, are relatively new. Doesn't work for adding measures at the end of a score.
Selecting a measure and having playback of that staff, is new.

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Yes you are absolutely right. Sibelius was quirky in this respect also. However, I've never had score additions completely disappear in a part before :-) I was hoping that musescore wouldn't necessarily have the same issues as sibelius but maybe it's as much my usage and impractical expectations as it is anything else :-)

Thanks for your advice.

Sometimes a restart of musescore fixes things for me - like the other day where I tried converting an ordinary barline to a double bar and it put it above the stave repeatedly. Closed and reopened and tried again - all fine. :-)

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"...which clearly suggests using the mouse to adjust slurs"
Yes , but I think that perhaps refers to adjusting the curve rather than the end-point anchors. And the instructions continue:
If you wish to change the note to which a slur or tie is connected, the recommended method is to use the keyboard shortcuts described above (Shift+←/→). This is the most efficient way of changing both the visual and playback range of notes encompassed by a slur or tie.

The only reason I am pushing back on this point is that I have seen many, many posts relating to problems caused by dragging end-point anchors - mainly with hairpins but sometimes with other types of line.

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