Write sticking for snaredrum music with dots and squares?

• Mar 9, 2023 - 11:26

Hello There,
Is it possible to use a sticking notation with symbols (open square means Right hand, closed black dot means left hand) , instead of the common R and L?
i like to use it witch lyrics.

Thanks in advance


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I was playing around with FontForge to better understand how fonts are made, and decided to make my very first (minimalistic) font: LeducSticking.otf

-install font in system (double clicking should open a install dialog - depending on your OS)
-in MS, go to Format/Style/Test Styles/Sticking and choose font LeducSticking. Size 15pt seems about right.
-add sticking as usual Add/text/Sticking

-for white circle: any of: R, r, D or d (French droite)
-for black circle: any of: L, l, G or g (French gauche)


Let me know should there be any problems.

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Hey! This look pretty good!
the only thing i notice that the sticking lines up with the beams and not with the notes. So if you chance from 8th notes to 16 notes the sticking shifts vertically. This doesn't happen when you use words (see my file)
And maybe sometimes it would come in handy when i could place the dots above the snare drum instead of under it. Do you see a solution for the things i mention?
Thanks a lot!!

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