Empty Measures in Part

• Mar 8, 2023 - 23:22

There is a part of my conductor score where an instrument is playing something, but in the part score of that instrument, the measures are completely empty, not even having rests in them. If I try to change any notes or write anything in that part of the conductor score, it doesn't change the part. If I try to copy other measures into that section, it causes Musescore to crash, every time. I am using Musescore 4. How can I fix this issue? Thank you!


" How can I fix this issue?"

The best way is to attach your score (.mscz file) to your post. That helps the volunteer advisers to see exactly what is in the score file, because an image does not contain much info - only pixels. But with the .mscz file, we can see whether parts have been generated or can be generated.

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