More granular default settings

• Mar 8, 2023 - 22:02

After using MuseScore 4 for the past few months, one thing I'd really like to have is the ability to set defaults for style settings. For example, I'd like to have measure numbers on the score parts have a default size of 10, but MS always defaults to 8, which is really small. I tediously have to go through each part in the orchestral score and re-adjust them. I'd also like to have the default multimeasure rest minimum be 4, but it always defaults to 2. Just a little "Make default" checkbox for each setting would be great.


For measure numbering:
Format > Style... > Text Styles > Measure number > Size
and possibly:
Format > Style... > Text Styles > Measure number > Follow staff size (enable)

For multimeasure rest minimum:
Format > Style... > Rests > Multimeasure Rest (enable) > Minimum number of empty measures

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Thanks, Daniel. It might be that "Follow staff size" solves the first issue. I'll have to keep playing around with it. It seems to be a global parameter and is changed across all parts. Your second suggestion, though, leaves me back where I started. I can change the minimum in one part, but it affects only that part. And it leaves a LOT of empty measures in its wake. For instance, once I set the minimum to 10 on 48 measures of rest, it does put 4 multimeasure rests marked 10, but then afterwards has a string of 8 empty rests. I guess that's a little easier thank inserting breaks. But ideally what I'd like is to have the four "10" bars followed by one marked "8". Or if there are 14 bars of rest, a "10" bar followed by one marked "4". That looks a lot cleaner and is easier to visually follow. So far it seems that can be achieved only by setting the minimum to 4 and then inserting breaks. Maybe if there were two parameters, a minimum and a maximum.

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