making a 9/8 time signature into 3/4 with dotted half note

• Mar 8, 2023 - 19:13

I am working in M4 with an enormous orchestral score. A part here has parallel 3/4 and 9/8 time signature. I have tried to change local signature, but I get the error message "measure not empty", which is not correct since I deleted all exessive measures and added new, empty ones.

So: Base signature is 9/8. Making a duol from a dotted half and dotted quarter does the trick to be able to display half notes and quarter notes. However, I can't find out how to make the program show a dotted half note (i.e. 3 x quarter notes duration), the best I can do is a tied half and quarter note, which is not what is required to display.

The first bar in the picture is what I want for the second bar (and of course change time signature to display 3/4)

Is there a solution here I have not eyed yet?
Best regards

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So you want the time signature to say 9/8 but the notes to still look like in 3/4? Then use a second 3/4 then change its text properties to read 9/8. If this is just the first part of a more complex requirement then please give as much detail as you can.

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It should be possible to enter a local 3/4 time signature, which would of course be the easiest solution, so if you are getting the "Measure not empty" error for no good reason, that's a bug we should look into. It would be nice if you could share your score here (or the simplest score you can create where the bug can be reproduced).

Meanwhile: to get the dotted half filling a bar in 9/8, select the bar rest and create a 6:9 tuplet (via Add > Tuplets > Other) with no bracket or number:
which effectively gives you 3/4 in the time of 9/8, and you can put a dotted half note in (or any other subdivisions you like for a "3/4" bar):

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