Modify tempo mark value by x amount?

• Mar 7, 2023 - 16:49

Does museScore have a built-in function that can add or subtract x to tempo marks in the selected range?

If not, is there a plugin that provides that utility?

I hope someday MuseScore includes a Tempo lane (as in Logic) with points and Bezier curve options for controlling tempo.



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Thanks for mentioning the TempoStretch plugin. Using it got me out of a bind!

Unfortunately the plugin only functions as a multiplier/divider.
I'd like to see it updated with the option of +/- x BPM—as requested initially—so users can shelve their tempos.

Here's a use case.

Say I have a score with tempo marks of 40 and 120—and if the plugin had a additive function—I could use the Tempo plugin to add a value of 10 BMP to selected marks, resulting in:

     50 and 130

... as opposed to applying 125% resulting in:

     50 and 150

Similarly, if I could subtract 20 from each the result would be:

     20 and 100

... as opposed to applying 50% resulting in:

     20 and 60


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