A bit of a mixed bag, really

• Mar 7, 2023 - 07:55

Good morning, everyone.

I don't often need support of advice when using MuseScore, but when I do, you've all be really kind and supportive. I really appreciate that.

I hope, therefore, that my following feedback will be taken as it's intended - constructively.

I upgraded to MS 4 about a week or so ago after a major computer failure. I'm sure it's chock full of great new stuff, but I'm a pretty basic user. I need to create charts, export to PDF for sharing with other players, export to mp3 for students who don't yet sightread that well, etc.

But I've been a bit frustrated with MS 4.

Here's why.

I've tried opening some previous pieces (either downloaded or created myself) and MS 4 seems to cope well with them, but then at times when I update and save them, they corrupt. :(

That's been a significant amount of work gone down the drain that had to be done again.

And then to be sure it didn't happen twice in a row, I've had to export the corrections to musicxml, then re-open in MS 4, update the layout, and then save again as an MS 4 version file.

Not the end of the world, to be sure, but a long trip round when you're pressed for time and lose all your work only to have to duplicate it and jump through hoops to try to preserve it. (Sorry, a bit of frustration crept out there).

Saxophone fingering notation also no longer seems to work in MS4. I've searched for and installed about 4 different plugins so far, but to no avail. Is this a known problem? If so, how have others gotten around this?

And just now, when creating a very basic melody for a beginner student, I wanted to have a count-in and continuous two-tone click running in the background to help him hear the difference between beats 1 & 3 and 2 & 4, but the woodblocks now only make one sound, not two, even though I have selected two different pitches for these beat groupings. Please see attached MS file.

I hope this doesn't sound really negative. It's not meant to be.

And as a side note, I was looking at music in the online music resources for MS (arrangements for download) and wanted to then jump over here to the forum to created this post, but I couldn't find a direct link.

I looked and clicked around for about 5 minutes before just entering "MuseScore Forum" in the address bar and letting Google do the searching for me. Have I missed something here as well?

Again, I think MS is a fantastic product and I hope this feedback and request for help will be taken in the spirit that it's intended.

Thanks, guys. All the best,

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