MuseScore 4 Crashes At Specific Point In Score

• Mar 7, 2023 - 02:20

Whenever I try to play a specific point in this score, MuseScore 4 just freezes and crashes. This is also preventing me from exporting it as an mp4, as I am assuming that when it tries to convert that part of the score it crashes as well. The measure in question is 114 in this score, and it often just crashes when it tries to move from the first half note to the second. I'm using Windows 10 and MuseScore 4.0.1.
Thank you

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I can confirm crash at bar 114. And I can't export mp3, also. I can export as xml and open and play in MU3. But save as from MU3 results in a file that still crashes in MU4.
I try to delete the measure-crash
I try to edit the measure-crash. Though I can delete the slurs that connect to it.
One time measure 113 caused a crash.
I could copy the measure to the end of the score.
I was able to delete measures 110 to the end-no crash.
Still working on it.

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