Vibraphone Dynamics and Double Note Rolls

• Mar 6, 2023 - 18:39

The first part with with Musescore's new sounds for percussion, at the upper part of the staff, between F5 and E5, there's a sudden drop off in loudness, where E5 sounds much, much softer than F5. This can't be changed with Velocity either.

Double note rolls for percussion also sound awful, or rather they aren't really rolls. Putting a tremolo on any double note causes the roll to be played on each note at the same time (this is really prevalent if you do eighth note rolls, where the part will play back as a bunch of doublestops). Double note rolls are played by alternating between the two notes, and have a completely different tone and feel compared to single note rolls.

If we're also doing four mallet percussion, then the top two and bottom two notes would alternate, since it's two mallets a piece.


In order for someone to try to confirm, we'd need you to attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem. Then if confirmed, you can open an issue on GitHub (if a general playback problem) and/or Zendesk (if it's Muse Sounds only) to report this to the developers.

For the rolls, my guess is you are simply adding the wrong type, it should be the tremolo between notes, a single chord with a tremolo.

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You've added the notes as a single chord. That's not how to do tremolo between notes - you need to enter the two notes consecutively (eg, as two half notes). They'll be converted to whole notes automatically when you add the tremolo. See the Handbook section on tremolo for more info (in the chapter on expressive markings).

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