Problem with MuseScore 4.0

• Mar 6, 2023 - 15:47

When I open a second document, MuseScore launches a new instance of the application such that I can have 2+ instances of MuseScore 4.0 running simultaneously. I don't wish to burden the OS with so much demand for processing resources. I have reverted to MuseScore 3.6, which does not have this problem.


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It's a known macOS limitation that it refuses to combine icons for separate instances the way all other OS's do. Unfortunately, this does indeed make having different playback settings for different scores - the whole reason separate instances are used in MU4 - awkward on macOS. Workarounds to that limitation are being investigated. Meanwhile, though, you might consider just using a separate desktop for MuseScore so the multiple icons make more sense.

But it's not really true that this approach is particularly more resource hungry than any other, so I wouldn't let that stop you. One way or another, the OS is going to handle paging things in and out as needed.

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