Musescore 4 - Can't Copy - Paste fingerings

• Mar 6, 2023 - 15:05


In Musescore 3.* there was a easy way to copy - paste fingerings. In Musescore 4.0.1 nothing happends.

Any ideas?


Not sure how you were copying them in MU3, but the same methods that worked there should work in MU4 as well - eg, select one, Ctrl+C, select a destination note, Ctrl+V. It would be nice if you could select a whole "range" of fingerings at once like you can for other types of text and also articulations, but this has never been supported for fingerings. Theoretically it's possible but much more complicated to sort out which fingering would go with which note, one you consider the possibility of chords. Fingerings are the only common type of element that is attached per note as opposed to per chord or per time position.

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Did you see my post above explaining how to do it?

Also, note you can type fingerings very quickly just type on, hit space to move on to the next note just as you would for lyrics or chord symbols, etc. And you can copy entire passages with fingerings and all intact, then replace pitches if need be.

If you continue to have trouble, lease attach your score and describe what you are trying to do in more detail. Then we can help you get the job done efficiently.

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