Bought Muscore for the wrong opperating platform

• Mar 6, 2023 - 01:39


My wife love the look of Muscore but unfortuantely bought this software for windows when she needs it to work with either an ipad or iphone, will she be able to receive a refund and repurchase through the Apple Store?

Is there anybody here who can help?

Thank you for your time

Cheers Colin


The MuseScore program for Windows, Mac & Linux is free and has always been free.
The MuseScore "player" application for iPhone, iPad & Android is to be paid by year.
There is nothing else that you can "buy" from Musescore.
So either she has been victim of a scam from people trying to resell something that is free in the first place, or she has paid for an official version which then can only be for iPad & iPhone as required.
Attention that you can not create scores on iPad or iPhone, only play them!
To create score you must use the free program for Mac, windows or linux

It is impossible to buy the MuseScore Editor. It is free.
Esp. you can't buy a Windows version in the Apple store, that doesn't make any sense at all.
So there won't be any refund, as there wasn't a payment in the first place.

But it won't work on iPhone or iPad, there only the mobile app exists (which is 'just' a player, not an editor), and that indeed in a free and a paid version.

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